04.14.17: Gallery has been updated. This is a smaller update, still working on making this site responsive but wanted to at least update the gallery and some graphics on the site. Commissions are open and links to information can be found on the About page.

07.17.16: I now have a store on Storenvy! I'm selling prints and stickers for right now but will add over time as I go to more and more conventions. Also the gallery has been updated.

05.31.15: Updated my Patreon page! If you wish to support me, the best way is to become a patron. You could have access to sketches and expired vote incentives or get my comic updates a week in advance :D I will update this site again soon for my gallery.

10.28.14: Complete redesign of the website! New galleries which are more selective and portfolio based. I also have a new webcomic that I started a couple months ago called Sydney's Pokémon Adventure! A fun little Pokémon fan-comic that updates bi-weekly on Wednesdays. I also started a YouTube channel for speedpaints.

07.31.13: The artwork page has been changed around and new images have been added to multiple galleries. Also I now have the "I Love My Life" webcomic on the web! You can follow it on smackjeeves and vote for it on topwebcomics. I'm very excited and really hope to make up a regular day when I can update once a week, so look for that.

01.13.13: Happy New Year! Updated a few galleries. Herowitz and Drake & Carl got big updates as well as smaller updates in Pokemon Fanart, ILML, and digital works.

07.31.12: Been a long time since I said this site would be finished. But it's finally set. I hope to update new images each month or so. I am also thinking about planning out some new ideas for a new layout and such but we'll see. So for now, the home page is better looking, images have been cleaned up and all the galleries have been revamped and completed!

05.14.12: Site is up and running! There are still some changes to be made, such as this home page, clean up some images and links, and also my comics gallery (as they are shown to be under construction) look back at a later date, I hope to have this done by the end of the month.

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